how are you gentlemen !!

wow ruhi was phat. that’s the first time I’ve ever tutored a study circle, and it was really cool. for those of you who don’t know, a “study circle” in this case is a group of people who get together to study a course offered by the Ruhi Institute, commonly just called Ruhi. these courses have the Bahá’í Writings as their base, and cover topics like the life of the spirit, prayer, the purpose of life and death, and so on.

so I tutored Ruhi Book One this weekend with a friend and it was phat. I love talking about this kind of stuff with people. call me a keener but I just like talking with people about spirituality and sharing my experience and learning from their insights. and we got mad awesome baghali polo for lunch. WOOHOO RICE

and my brother’s back from egypt and my sister should be back from labrador by now. cool. tomorrow it’s back to work on my resumé, and the circle continues next sunday. for great justice.

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